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Spain, Headquarters

AYESA's headquarters are located in Seville. They consist of three large buildings. The main building spans 9,000 m² and it is here where the President is based. More than 1,000 professionals from the six areas of activity that form the backbone of the company work from this building.

The second building, with an area of 5,500 m2, (Sevilla Tower), houses six hundred consultant experts and a software factory. In the third building (Vega del Rey), which spans 5,300 m2, one thousand BPO experts carry out their work.

AYESA has branches in Spain's main cities, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, etc., in order to run and coordinate the management of the business areas. Although the production departments are spread throughout the world, the company's intellectual component, the origin of its own products and solutions, as well as its R&D&I, are all located in Spain 


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